Artsy Instagram Story Background SET

Artistic Textured Abstract Shapes as background – You can create your own SNS story with saving your time. Just write your text when you upload Instagram stories.

These background images are JPG file which is ready to use easily. You can just download files to your phone and upload one of the JPG file you’d like and add your text on instagram.

Instagram Story Background SET of 10

These instagram story background template set would be good for bloggers, small brands, shop owners, designers and photographers.

Artistic Instagram Story Background

 Set of 10 JPG images and additional 4 PNG files are zipped

Instagram Story Template Set of 10

Size: 1080 x 1920 px / 150 dpi (enough resolution for web or mobile)
You will be able to download 1 ZIP file includes 10 JPG files and 3 PNG files.

[Purchase Artsy Instagram Story Background Set of 10]

ⓒ Copyright Mieun Kim(studio ABLE TIME) All Rights reserved.

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